Business competences

Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems. ”
― Peter F. Drucker

Business in the twenty-first century have to build knowledge to compete.

It is a fact, we are inmerse in the knowledge economy.

As Schumpeter used to state, the new developments displace the old ones in a creative virtuous circle that requires more than information, requires knowing how to apply the knowledge.

Know-how, how to say, know who knows.

In order to acquire competences beyond skills, we have to learn by doing, applying knowledge using all our cognitive, emotional and experience built tools.

Today, it is widely accepted that companies grow mainly based in its intangible capital, its human capital.

PNL NEGOCIOS provides skills training through mentoring, coaching and inhouse technical assistance processes; applying knowledge management, innovation management, and strengthening the ability of companies to carry out all their projects successfully.

We also offer to built out education projects, using methodologies adapted for each case, as design thinking, entrepreneurship model, balanced scorecard and strategy maps, etc.

We also offer courses, seminars and trainings cycles on topics such as:

Knowledge Management

Innovation Management

Management Technology

Strategic Marketing

Digital Marketing

Application of metrics and management tools

Project management

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