PNL NEGOCIOS,  is a consultancy firm offering services in Guatemala since 1997.

Our working philosophy has always been based on innovation and best practices.

We do not innovate because is fashionable, for us innovation is not a word or a cliché.  We innovate because we have the conviction and the passion for innovation and, because we know that those businesses that cannot innovate will finally perish.

Moreover, our social approach allows us to work in the field of development through poverty elimination fostering the creation of wealth, and not destroying it. We empower local producers to be more productive and more competitive.

As part of the Foundation-i, we develop programs like Innnovaempresa, Innovadel and  Innovacademia, promoting innovative best practices in each of these areas.

This same conviction and knowledge is the one we apply to strength the competences and skills  of our clients.

Our services;

Strategic Marketing


Knowledge Management

Digital Marketing and digital advertising

Project Management


Business intelligence and new markets opportunities

Institutional communication


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